Ayo Edebiri’s Glossy Blood-Red Tie Is Why This Outfit Works

ayo edebiri's tie is why this outfit works
Ayo Edebiri’s Tie Is Why This Outfit WorksBACKGRID
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At Harper's Bazaar, we're constantly asking: What exactly makes a good outfit a good outfit? In our new column Why This Outfit Works, an editor dissects the anatomy of a look, zeroing in on the one specific piece (or pieces) that pull the entire ensemble together.

Sometimes, the only thing you need to tie a look together is, well, a tie. Ayo Edebiri demonstrated that maxim well, heading into NBC’s New York City studios yesterday ahead of her Saturday Night Live debut this weekend.

At first glance, Edebiri's Midtown uniform could basically serve as an urban product placement for Bottega Veneta (creative director Matthieu Blazy similarly called upon Kendall Jenner and A$AP Rocky to star in a paparazzi-styled marketing campaign for the brand's pre-Spring 2024 collection just last year). But, The Bear star's outfit is reportedly not connected to any official guerilla marketing tactics and, instead, merely shows off the easy wearability of the house's casual offerings.

For Edebiri, this included a cape trench coat in a chalky beige shade that nearly matched the cloudy February skies, which the actor then layered over a few of the brand's celebrated tromp l’oeil leather creations: a printed leather button-down featuring a light checked pattern and a pair of light-wash leather jeans.

Other Bottega elements, like Edebiri's chunky black loafers with gold accents and a woven emerald green Andiamo bag, also make cameos, but it's the lustrous blood-red tie fastened around her neck that really seals the deal. Its deep russet color mixed with the leather's glossy sheen are delectable eye-candy, breaking up the humdrum of what could otherwise be a pedestrian nine-to-five ensemble by introducing an unexpected take on a mundane menswear accessory.

ayo edebiri's tie is why this outfit works
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The Emmy-winning actor makes no secret of her affection for menswear. In fact, plenty of her most celebrated looks involve subverting the typical menswear silhouette. You might recall the all-white suit from the Row that she wore to the recent Critics Choice Awards, or perhaps even the crisp black blazer and slouchy trousers she dressed in for Proenza Schouler's Spring/Summer 2024 runway show last year.

To those in sync with the pop culture news cycle, it's also obvious that Edebiri's rise in Hollywood stardom has coincided with her ascension in the fashion scene. Her red-carpet looks have rightfully earned top notches on best dressed lists everywhere (need we remind you of the fabulous leather Louis Vuitton construction she wore during the Emmys last month?), but her street style looks arguably deserve their own distinct appreciation, too.

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