Awkward Moment Man is Humiliated After Proposing at Packed New Year's Eve Party

A man was left red-faced after proposing at a packed New Year's Eve party and getting a less-than-ideal response from his girlfriend. The woman seemed caught completely off guard when her boyfriend took over the mic and asked her up on stage with him. What followed was one of the most humiliating proposals caught on camera in front of a room full of strangers.

"Omg they stopped the entire NYE party for this guy to propose and the girl was NOT HAVING IT," an eyewitness wrote on a TikTok post which has since gone viral. Here's what the (excruciating) footage of the incident shows. 


Bad Idea

Proposing on New Year's Eve in front of a bunch of strangers—what could possibly go wrong? One man learned the hard way that if you're not 100% sure she's going to say yes, be very careful when, where, and how you pop the question. This Romeo didn't get the memo, judging by what happened.


Awkward Proposal

Footage shows the man excitedly asking the woman to come and stand next to him. She's clearly concerned about what's going to happen, judging by her expression. The woman stands, stony-faced, as the man proposes to her, surrounded by the glittering lights of the rooftop party in Hawaii.


He Pops the Question

The video is hard to watch due to sheer awkwardness. "I want to say, I'm crazy in love with you," the man says as the woman reluctantly walks over. "You're the love of my life, and will you make me the happiest man in the world," he swoons. "Will you marry me?"


Heavy Silence

The woman doesn't respond right away, leaving a long, terrible silence. "It's a simple yes or no," the wannabe fiance said. "Oh my gosh," the woman said, looking embarrassed and uncomfortable. "Yes?" He slipped the ring on her finger as onlookers cheered, but there was clearly trouble in paradise as the couple were caught having an argument soon after. "Why would you do that?" the woman said. Ouch.


Viral Sensation

An eyewitness posted video of the incident on TikTok, saying, "WAIT UNTIL THE END. That was the most awkward thing I've ever witnessed." Commenters agreed the man should not have done it. :SEE. This is why I told my fiancé how I wanted my proposal to be. Private, in public, or in front of family. These are important questions to ask," one person said. "I want to know the story here. Did he know she wouldn't like a public proposal? Or did he think this would get her to say yes? So many questions," said another.

@caesthetically WAIT UNTIL THE END. That was the most awkward thing I've ever witnessed. 💀 #nye #proposal ♬ original sound – cass