Avon Is Launching a $1,200 Perfume

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It doesn't get nearly enough credit, but Avon is an amazing source of truly lovely fragrances. Go ahead and take a glance at the selection of Avon's perfumes on the brand's website and you'll find a wide variety of scents — nearly 40, in fact, all ranging from $17 to $50. But while the low price points are among the reason that Avon's perfumes are so appealing, it turns out smacking a $1,200 price tag on a fragrance only increases its desirability.

OK, so Avon isn't exactly charging $1,200 for a perfume arbitrarily. Charmed, which launches in late October, is a celebration of 134 years of Avon, and its opulence reflects the momentous occasion. The bottle is absolutely incredible both aesthetically and compositionally. An 18K gold-plated peacock sits atop a beautiful column, its tail embellished with 21 Swarovski crystals. (And it comes in a gorgeous, wooden, collectible box to boot.)

<cite class="credit">Courtesy of brand</cite>
Courtesy of brand

The actual eau de parfum inside the beautiful bottle is nothing to sneeze at. It's made with three orpur (what the industry calls the purest and highest-quality) natural ingredients: rose (with surprisingly spicy undertones), jasmine absolute (reminiscent of honeysuckle), and patchouli (with earthy notes and hints of tobacco).

I had the opportunity to experience it myself — a lab sample, of course, because they're not just sending out $1,200 bottles of perfume to even their favorite beauty editors — and it's truly so elegant. The powdery first impression felt to me like an extremely sophisticated version of Love's Baby Soft; then, as it evolved, it introduced the tiniest hints of fruitiness hidden behind woodsy spice.

If Avon Charmed looks and sounds to you like the kind of fragrance you'd drop mortgage-level money on, you'll want to be prepared to pounce once it officially launches in October — only 1,886 bottles are being made, as a tribute to Avon having been founded in 1886. In the meantime, you can add yourself to the waitlist here.

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