Avoid Sending Shameful Texts This Valentine's Day With a Little Help From HOP WTR

HOP WTR DNT TXT Lockbox<p>Courtesy of HOP WTR</p>

Courtesy of HOP WTR

As Valentine's Day approaches, HOP WTR understands that the temptation to text your ex may arise, particularly if you’re single this year. This is why they just launched their DNT TXT lockbox, a unique solution to help individuals steer clear of any post-Valentine's regrets.

HOP WTR’s DNT TXT lockbox is a stylish and secure device designed to keep your phone under lock and key during those critical moments of temptation. We know it's not always easy to trust oneself, especially if you’ve been drinking a little more than a HOP WTR on Valentine's Day, but with the DNT TXT lockbox, you can ensure a regret-free morning on February 15th.

Here's how it works:

  • Consumers can enter to win their very own HOP WTR DNT TXT lockbox from now until 2/6 by going to https://hopwtr.com/es/pages/dnt-txt to enter

  • On Valentine’s Day, fans can simply place their phone in the lockbox, lock it up, and HOP WTR will send them the combination on February 15th at 7am, allowing them to avoid the embarrassment that comes from texting their old flame

  • Each winner will also receive the perfect Valentine’s Day companion, a 12-pack of HOP WTR’s best-selling Ruby Red Grapefruit - ideal for creating holiday mocktails…or cocktails.

HOP WTR introduces the DNT TXT campaign this Valentine's Day <p>Courtesy of HOP WTR</p>
HOP WTR introduces the DNT TXT campaign this Valentine's Day

Courtesy of HOP WTR

Indulging in a few too many drinks on Valentine’s Day can lead to impulsive texts followed by walks of shame,” said Jordan Bass, Co-Founder and CEO of HOP WTR. “This year, HOP WTR is helping consumers stay disciplined on Valentine’s Day with a little help from the old lock and key. The DNT TXT lockbox is the wingman you’ve always needed and when combined with a 12-pack of our Ruby Red Grapefruit, you’ll forget about your ex and make HOP WTR Ruby Red Grapefruit your main squeeze. You’ll thank us in the morning.”   

Founded in California in 2020, HOP WTR is more than a healthy alternative to soda, beer, or cocktails; it’s a consciously crafted sparkling hop water that blends bold hops with adaptogens and nootropics, offering Positive Refreshment in a can. Created without alcohol, calories, carbs, sugar, or gluten, each of HOP WTR’s eight delicious flavors is the liquid equivalent of a laugh with close friends, bringing physical and emotional replenishment with every sip. HOP WTR is the choice you can feel great about physically, mentally, and emotionally. Cheers to a life well sipped!