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The gym, a place for health and vitality, is also, ironically, very dangerous. The potential for injury lurks in every corner, from the slippery treadmill belts to the wobbly powerlifting racks. The expensive gyms might appear nicer, but you can smash a toe just as easily with a $200 weight as you can with a $50 one.

Beginners love to make mistakes, and in a gym mistakes can be costly. Both physically and financially. Trying to show off and lifting too much, practicing bad form instead of modifying, or simply spending too long doing a workout are all common newbie mistakes. The watchful eye of a personal trainer can help.

Paying around $1,200 per month for an in-person trainer to correct your form is an option, but it’s not the only way to learn proper technique. Future’s personal training app gives you access to a virtual coach for a fraction of the price, and the platform has detailed instructions for each move so you’re never lost on how to do something safely. Their memberships start at $149 per month, less than half of the average cost of an in-person personal trainer if you meet just once or twice a week, and SPY readers can get 50% off their first month with code “SPY” at checkout.

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What Is Future?

Future is a membership-based virtual personal training app that connects you with a coach and unlimited weekly workouts tailored to your unique fitness goals. The app houses each of your workouts for the week, and each move comes with a detailed instruction video so you’re never lost on which weight to use, how many reps to do, and how to do the move properly.

Injury in the gym doesn’t come from being out of shape or “bad” at working out. It comes from a lack of knowledge and, oftentimes, being too ambitious about what’s possible for your body on that day.

Future’s coaches meet with each client at the beginning of their membership and go over their fitness goals, abilities, accessible equipment, and lifestyle. Once they have a sense of you, they design a training program for your unique abilities and interests.

After each workout, your Future coach will check in to see how things went and can help answer any questions. They can also adjust future workouts if a certain weight feels like too much or if you need modifications.

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What Makes Future’s Workouts Different?

One word: flexibility. The great part about having a professional coach is you can adjust each workout based on how you’re feeling that day. Certain moves can be modified or removed at any time, and you can go up or down in weight depending on what feels safe for you.

A Future coach also provides a personal, supportive connection in a world that can feel intimidating and filled with the potential for failure. Your coach will message you everyday to hold you accountable, motivate you, and answer any questions you have. All of their coaches are former division one athletes, professional athletes, trained Olympians, or have expertise in a certain area of fitness like weight loss and injury recovery.

Invest in Your Future Self

Future’s coaches not only help you avoid injury, they also give you the exact instructions you need to make the most of your time in the gym. The days of wandering into a Crunch or Equinox with little idea of where to start are gone. Every week will start with a detailed training calendar designed by a professional that decreases your mental load and increases your chance of success.

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