Avocado Recycled and Upcycled 624 Tons of Wood Last Year

After becoming the first bedding company to have its landfill waste diversion rated and verified by UL in 2020, Avocado Green Mattress this month achieved a UL validated diversion rate of 78 percent in its manufacturing facilities.

The company reached the rate by recycling, reusing and diverting materials used in its manufacturing process from landfills. UL’s 2799 Zero Waste Landfill Waste Diversion validation program is a rigorous process that evaluates a company’s efforts to reduce waste at every level of the business, from materials to manufacturing and shipping. To earn a validation mark, companies must submit to an extensive, multi-part audit by UL Solutions, which includes document evaluation, waste data tracking and onsite visits, along with annual audits.

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Avocado uses recycled or upcycled materials in 25 of its products, including its Zero Waste Collection, which uses wood scraps from its Los Angeles wood shop and pillows using recycled latex from its factories. Last year, the company recycled and upcycled 624 tons of wood, which contributed to a 9 percent increase in the amount of waste it diverted from landfills over the previous year.

“At Avocado, we’re constantly innovating new ways to reduce waste, reuse scrap materials, and be a leader in the sustainability space,” said Jane Chen, senior product manager, Avocado. “By achieving this major milestone and having our efforts validated by UL, we’re setting a standard for what it means to be an environmentally responsible company without compromising quality.”

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