How Avatar: The Way of Water's VFX Were Made

Dan Barrett takes us through his process of animating the Na'vi and creatures in 'Avatar: The Way of Water.' From capturing human emotion through Facial Performance Captures (FACS) to the complexities of working with water, the Avatar animator discusses his work with James Cameron in the newest installment of the film franchise.Director: Funmi SunmonuDirector of Photography: AJ YoungEditor(s): Sammy CortinoTalent: Dan BarrettProducer: Ashley HallLine Producer: Jen SantosAssociate Producer: Emebeit BeyeneProduction Manager: Andressa PelachiProduction Coordinator: Peter Brunette, Kevin BalashDirector of Talent: Lauren MendozaCamera Operator(s): Lucas VilicichSound: Paul CornettProduction Assistant(s): John Brodsky, Gee DeprattArt Department: Leah WatersPost Production Supervisor: Edward TaylorPost Production Coordinator: Andrea FarrSupervising Editor: Kameron Key VFAssistant Editor: Billy Ward