Ava Max Spills on Inspiration Behind 'Diamonds & Dancefloors'

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She's a million dollar baby!

Ava Max may be one of the top global pop stars at the moment, but she's only getting started. The singer just dropped her highly anticipated sophomore album Diamonds & Dancefloors and is already getting a ton of praise for the dance record.

"Let's just leave it all on the dance floor! I'm leaving the past behind me. I lost myself in a relationship, which I'm never going to do again. I feel like I'm back on my feet. I know what I want and I'm just so happy," Max tells Out.

After experiencing a very tough break up last year, Max channels all of her sadness and heartbreak into upbeat melodies. Every song is one banger after the next, with fans dancing every minute of the album.

"It starts with a bang with 'Million Dollar Baby.' Basically, it's talking about coming out stronger on the other end of a breakup or anything you're going through. That record is so important because it's about turning your pain into power and all of that emotional distress into something beautiful."

As listeners dance through all fourteen tracks, they'll end the experience on a sexy note with "Dancing's Done."

"It ends very sensually and very soft. 'Dancing's Done' means a lot because it almost didn't make the record. It's some people's favorite song, so I'm very happy."

The singer has also advocated for gay rights and performed at a slew of Pride celebrations all around the world.

"I write in a way where I want to include everyone. That's my number one priority. When my fans say they came out to their parents because of listening to 'So Am I,' that to me is mind-blowing. If I can continue doing that and helping even at least one person, that makes me happy."

Max gained mainstream attention thanks to her early hits including "Sweet but Psycho" and "My Head & Heart." The latter was actually used as a song on the fourteenth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, where Jorgeous and Orion Story lipsynched for their lives. Max also served as a guest judge for the episode.

"I love it. It's so good. I was in shock. I wish I could move like Jorgeous. She's incredible and she is on the top of my list!"

Whether it's a viral lipsync or the entire listening experience on Diamonds & Dancefloors, Max is hoping fans can feel seen and be fully entertained.

"I hope they dance and not think about anything that's hurting them. If they are listening to one of the breakup songs, just know that you will get through this. It will be brighter on the other side."

Diamonds & Dancefloors is available now. To see the full interview with Ava Max, check out the video below.

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