Autumn-themed baby names are on the rise — here's the top 20

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Photo credit: Artem Varnitsin / EyeEm - Getty Images
Photo credit: Artem Varnitsin / EyeEm - Getty Images

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New research has found that autumn-inspired baby names are on the rise — and Branch, Leaf, Birch and Rust have topped the list as some of the most popular.

The team at surveyed 2,185 people to find out whether parents would be giving their newborns unique autumnal names. After trawling through Nameberry, they found that the most popular autumn-themed baby name for a girl is Branch, with an interest increase of 150%. For boys, the preferred name is Rust, with an increase of 88%.

Elsewhere, other autumn-themed monikers to make the top 20 include Ash, Libra, Leaf, Radley and Omri.

They also discovered that 58% of parents who choose an autumn-themed name do so because it's the season their baby is born in, while 21% choose one because they are inspired by the season's blazing colour palette.

"Autumn is the season of golden leaves, pumpkin spiced lattes, and long walks in warm clothes," the team says. "With so many baby names to choose from, seasonal themed names offer parents a variety of quirky yet meaningful ones to draw from."

Take a look at the top 20 below...

10 top autumn baby names for girls

  1. Branch (Inspired by nature and trees)

  2. Samhain (Gaelic meaning for 'end of harvest season')

  3. Sorrell (Reddish brown' meaning originating from France)

  4. Carmine (Hebrew/Spanish meaning for 'garden')

  5. Ash (English origin meaning 'ash tree')

  6. Bruna (Italian origin meaning 'brown')

  7. Libra (Zodiac symbol with Greek meaning of 'scales, balance')

  8. Saffron (English meaning for 'yellow flower' with ties to Old French, Arabic and Persian meaning 'gold leaves')

  9. Leaf (Inspired by nature and trees)

  10. Kiona (Native American origin meaning 'brown hills')

Photo credit: Lauren Bates - Getty Images
Photo credit: Lauren Bates - Getty Images

10 top autumn baby names for boys

  1. Rust (Inspired by the colour 'rust')

  2. Honor (Inspired by Thanksgiving)

  3. Birch (English name derived from the birch tree)

  4. Miller (Grinder of grain' meaning from the English occupational name)

  5. Radley (English origin meaning 'red meadow')

  6. Barric (English name meaning 'grain farm')

  7. Omri (Hebrew meaning 'my sheaf')

  8. Lugh (Derived from the Irish god of harvest)

  9. Crispin (Latin origin meaning 'curly haired' with the first syllable 'crisp' symbolising autumn)

  10. Casper (Persian origin meaning 'keeper of the treasure')

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