Australian Zoo Keeper Who Lives With Koala Joey Full-Time Gives a Glimpse Into Her Life

For many people, working with animals would be a dream job. Whether it's grooming dogs and cats or taking care of exotic species at the zoo, interacting with animals can be both rewarding and fun. Getting paid for it is a fantastic bonus!

Sometimes, though, being a professional in an animal industry can be rather busy. Veterinarians' offices have moments of pure chaos sometimes, and even zookeepers can become overwhelmed with responsibility. Fortunately, though, caring for sweet animals makes it all worthwhile!

At the Australian Reptile Park in Somersby, New South Wales, one very dedicated zookeeper stepped up for a newborn koala joey after his mom decided she wasn't interested in taking on the responsibilities. As sad as the story sounds, you can rest assured that the baby koala wants for nothing. He's attached to his stuffed animal owl and he's fed on his own schedule--because he lives with his keeper full-time!

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OMG--I am in love! This tiny baby koala is as cute as can be, and it warms my heart to see the way his keeper from the @australianreptilepark held him like the baby he is. Whether he was drinking from his tiny bottle or learning to use his own hands to grab eucalyptus leaves, Albert did everything with such curiosity.

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Of course, it feels like a miracle to hear that the baby animal is doing well while living full-time with a human. Even though he's in thee care of an educated zoo keeper who knows how to properly care for him, it can be stressful for some animals to be away from their parents. Luckily, both Albert and his koala mom Elsa, who is recovering from an illness, are both thriving.

Soon, the entire family will be together again at the Australian Reptile Park. These cute critters may be marsupials and not reptiles, but the park is also home to several native Australian species ... including the koala. Once Albert and Elsa are back in the exhibit in a few months, anyone can pay them a visit!

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