Australian Shepherds Team Up to Try and Unlock Deadbolt in Funny Video

Australian Shepherds are remarkably intelligent. In fact, they are so intelligent that the AKC says they aren't the best dogs for novice dog owners because these clever canines are capable of hoodwinking their owners.

Just ask TikTok user and Australian Shepherd owner @sidneypoo who watched in awe as her two pups attempted to unlock a door. That has a deadbolt installed!

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Lisssssen, these Australian Shepherds probably only needed that door opened so they could do typical Australian Shepherd things, like go on the cell phone and order door dash and then unlock the door for the delivery guy to bring them food. A TikTok user and Aussie owner @Atlas comments, "Aussies are just too smart for their own good… i never knew my other dogs were just average until I got an Aussie." @Denise adds, "They are smarter than some people!" @Saliva hilariously replies, "You could put a fingerprint scanner lock and they'd figure out the tape trick."

As much trouble as this duo seems capable of causing, Australian Shepherds make wonderful and fiercely loyal family dogs. An owner just has to be committed to channeling their boundless energy into walking them frequently and training them so they don't use their extraordinary powers in more destructive ways. As for the pups above, we think mom just needs to install maybe five extra locks or so because they seem like they are pretty close to solving this deadbolt dilemma!

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