How This Australian Music Producer and Entrepreneur Produced Her Way to Happiness during a Pandemic

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“What if producers could be the modern-day shamans?” asked GEM, the Australian DJ and producer making a name for herself in the LA music scene. Her question comes after months of covid-19 lockdown, that inspired her to look inwards, and examine how she could create music that helped incite happiness to those struggling globally.

Her new track, If I’m Honest, has already got the interest of many fans and members of the music industry elite, following up from her bestselling single Malibu, from her forthcoming EP.

GEM has made a name for herself as the DJ and producer who wants to do more. She believes music can act as a safe haven for those struggling with stress and isolation during these trying times. In the peak of her career, GEM, like everyone, was forced to cancel upcoming travel plans and opportunities, finding herself at home in Australia.

GEM is to headline the Los Angeles Power Women Summit in December, bringing this new style of medical-music to the masses. She has been able to make use of her time in isolation: perfecting her EP, creating a YouTube channel and working on a plethora of collaborations with other global artists.

The new single, If I’m Honest, is arguably the first of its kind. It has been specifically produced in the key of B. The musical note B is associated with the crown chakra, the 7th chakras in the Buddhist tantric system. Buddhists believe that by listening to music in this key, corresponding to the crown chakra, it can heal and awaken the listener, helping to release stored negative energy and energetic blockages in the body.

Motivated to help the many millions of people battling with mental health issues sparked by the covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown and social isolation – GEM crafted this track as her commitment to help. She believes that by listening to her music and connecting with your crown chakra, positioned at the crown of your heart, you are essentially engaging in meditative practice, which has been shown to alleviate negative feelings and emotions.

The earlier single, Malibu, was tuned to 432 Hz, a frequency connected to healing and awakening. In fact, this frequency is believed to be the natural frequency of the universe, and by listening to music in this tone, can ground you.

Interestingly, a study that examined the effects of listening to music in this frequency, observed that participants experienced a decrease in their blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate – all associated with a reduction in stress and anxiety, and can bring about feelings of contentment and grounding.

This is the basis of sound healing, an alternative practice that dates back centuries. GEM, is spearheading the movement to produce music that does more than just sound good. Music that comforts, heals and connects.

As recognition, GEM has been named as one of the top 5 female producers in the world to watch by Showbiz Magazine. Keep watch of GEM.

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