Australian Firefighters Calendar Is Filled with the Most Adorable Animals

On October 25, the Australian Firefighters Calendar shared a video for those of us who are passionate about fire safety and fire prevention to enjoy.

Oh who are we kidding, we are here for the handsome shirtless guys cuddling adorable animals. And fire safety. Check out the following to see what we mean.

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Since it launched in 1993, The Australian Firefighters Calendar has raised money for numerous charities, including animal refuges and charities for cancer research. According to People Magazine, they have donated over 3.4 million in proceeds to various charities and three years ago, they also began donating to U.S. charities as a thank-you to the American animal lovers and rescues who supported Australia and its animals during the devastating 2019-2020 wildfire season.

Needless to say, there are a lot of fire prevention fans on TikTok. @K asks, "How do you audition to be one of those koalas?" @Mandy adds, "Can’t blame the sugar glider for going full nuzzle in the neck." @Linda responds, "I've never wanted to identify as a wild creature in my life...until right now." @Shammy says, "Don’t get me wrong, the men are delightful. But - what I wouldn’t give for a koala boop!"

There are different editions of the calendar, including a dog calendar, a cat calendar and a mixed animal calendar. How many calendars does one person need? Asking for a friend.

You can learn more about what charities the calendar supports and order your own 2024 version by visiting the website for the Australian Firefighters Calendar here.

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