Australian Artist Finally Paints Silo Mural After Months of COVID-19 Delay

An Australian artist has shared timelapse footage of an impressive mural painted onto a GrainCorp silo in Goroke, Victoria, after COVID-19 restrictions delayed the project for several months.

The video shows artist Geoffrey Carran using a cherrypicker as he paints a magpie onto a silo. An adjacent silo was painted with a kookaburra, a Facebook post from GrainCorp shows.

“Had so much fun painting this one today, ideal painting conditions,” Carran said on Instagram.

GrainCorp said the silos will now be part of the Australian Silo Art Trail.

“Due to COVID-19, painting was delayed by several months but Geoffrey and fellow artist Rowena are persevering, with some wonderful results already,” the company wrote. Credit: @geoffreycarran via Storyful