Auntie Unfiltered With Uncle Michael Harriot

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America is running a new counterintelligence program against both Black and white people.

The level of misinformation being put out there about the teaching of accurate U.S. history, the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory is obscene, and it’s dangerous to both sides because it creates a war between the two, and that war is the distraction that prevents everyone from paying attention to the gigantic propaganda campaign the government is running.

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When the United States ran these types of counterintelligence operations against civil rights leaders and members of the Black Panther Party and other Black liberation organizations, they did not have the benefit of social media and the internet to make their lies spread faster. Because do not be fooled; there are a lot of lies out there.

And now, instead of using undercover operatives to infiltrate Black organizations, and instead of running them like underground campaigns, they have the full cooperation and complicity of elected members of our government.

Most people do not truly understand what Critical Race Theory is. They have instead fallen for the okey-doke and believed the lies put out there about it.

White people believe it is a mission to eradicate all white people. Black people have been misled into believing that it is something that teaches our children that they are inferior to everyone else.

It is neither one of those things.

The bottom line is no one is teaching your children Critical Race Theory at the K-12 level. It is too difficult a study for them to comprehend.

What various elected members of our state and federal government are railing against is the accurate portrayal of U.S. American history. They are afraid for people to realize the truth—that America was founded on and still runs on a foundation of white supremacy, and that foundation has been propped up by laws and policies that subjugate people who are not white.

But instead of me going on and on about it, I invited Michael Harriot to come on Auntie Unfiltered and give some good background information on the field and study of Critical Race Theory. He has written about it extensively on The Root, but because we know not everyone reads everything, I thought a verbal explainer would help a little bit more.

Check out the video and let me know if you have any questions.

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