An Aunt on Reddit Expects a Reimbursement After Her Baby Nephew Pooped on Her & Oh Honey...

If there’s one adage that parents will always know to be true, it’s the one about sh*t. It happens. And that adage about spilled milk? It should be amended to be, “Don’t cry over blowouts.” Because the crap is already out of the bag, and what are you going to do about it now? One aunt on Reddit thinks she has a solid post-poop proposal, but her in-laws and the internet have other thoughts entirely.

A man joined the “Am I The A—hole? (AITA?)” subreddit to explain that he and his husband had their second baby a few months ago. His brother and sister-in-law just came to visit their new nephew for the first time and things did not go as peachy as one might like.

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Fecal Fiasco

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Things were going “basically well” until the sister-in-law lifted the baby and he promptly “defecated himself.” We’re sure everyone really (Dare we say “diarrheally?”) didn’t want that to happen, but remember what they say about sh*t?

“We apologized, but they got mad & were like how ‘disgusting’ it was and that she wasn’t expecting it,” the man who originally posted (the “OP”) said. “She washed it off, but then she told me that I have to pay her for what my infant did.”

Yup! This aunt wants a reimbursement for her crapped-on clothes. OP refused and his brother and SIL wouldn’t back down. They played the “Well you’re the parent, so you’re responsible” card, and that did not go over well.

“In the end, I just asked them to get out of my house & they did so, but they were talking about how I was really inconsiderate/ a miser, etc.”

Reddit’s Reaction

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Reddit is laughing their a** off when trying to decide who the a—hole is here. Obviously the baby’s a—hole is the topic of conversation, but the SIL is the a—hole for how she reacted. Nearly 2 thousand Redditors agree she should not be getting a payout for this blowout.

“If babies came with a no-poop guarantee, parenting would be a whole other ball game,” said the top comment with 7.7 thousand upvotes. “Her expecting reimbursement for a common infant accident is like asking for a refund after getting wet at a water park. Next time, maybe she’ll consider a change of attire before baby cuddle time or at the very least, some realistic expectations about the messy realities of infants.”

Redditors went on to remind her that these are not the only bodily functions she should be prepared for in the future. There’s also the very real reality of spit up (or worse). If she can’t handle that, she shouldn’t handle a baby. And that’s fine! Plenty of people said they prefer not to hold a baby and take on that risk.

“I held my nephew for the first time and he was so small and cute, I just wanted to hold him forever. Then he peed on me and the bloom fell off that rose quickly,” one person said.

“You haven’t felt love until you’ve caught your toddler’s puke in your hands so it didn’t get on the carpet,” another commented.

And on it went.

Maybe instead of buying his SIL new clothes (Don’t give in!), OP can buy her a peace offering in the form of a protective barrier. “I always put a blanket between baby and me. After many nieces and nephews, I learned to expect that something unexpected would come from somewhere.”

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