Attention, Moms-to-Be: You Can Now Get a *Wearable* Breast Pump for Free Through Insurance

If you’re a mom-to-be who’s planning on breastfeeding, you’re probably going to need a breast pump. And if you’ve already shopped around, you’ve likely resigned to the fact that you’ll be stuck to a wall with an outlet—unless you’re willing to shell out the big bucks for a hands-free, wearable pump. Because if you’re buying a pump through your health insurance, you usually have to pay the difference to “upgrade” to a wearable style. (Typical.)

But good news: Lansinoh’s wearable pump, the Discreet Duo, is now fully covered through most insurance companies. (FYI, Lansinoh indicates that this means the pump is Medicaid eligible, too.)

The Discreet Duo features nine levels of suction and four different pumping modes, six-ounce collection cups that are dishwasher-safe and an LED screen. Better yet, it has no cords or tubes and holds a charge for up to 100 minutes. While a hands-free pump will never be quite as powerful as an electric one, it’s ultra convenient (not to mention much more discreet, ideal if you want to pump on the go). Reviewers say they’re pleasantly surprised at the strength of the pump, and that it’s both convenient and easy to use.

To find out if you can get the Discreet Duo for free, you can check your eligibility at Lansinoh’s partner breast pump provider, Aeroflow Breastpumps. If you are eligible, Aeroflow will submit all the paperwork on your behalf and the pump will be delivered to your door. (To find out what other pumps you might be eligible, it’s best to contact your insurance provider directly, ideally by your third trimester.)

This makes the whole “milking station” ordeal a little bit more bearable.

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