Atlanta police say hate crime charges still possible for spa killings

The Atlanta Police Department confirmed a few new details in the shooting deaths of eight people Tuesday evening while distancing themselves from earlier controversial comments by Cherokee County law enforcement officials.

Video Transcript

- I can say that he had frequent both of those locations, yes.

- Are you able to say that he targeted the specific individuals that he actually shot and killed?

- I will not say that. Again, I would just say that, unfortunately, they were at that location. I can't say that he specifically targeted those individuals. But, you know, what I will say is that he did frequent-- as that question keeps coming up-- that he did frequent those two locations within Atlanta.

- And also-- is part of the problem in identifying the victims, do they not have any family members in the United States? Are all of the family members overseas in Korea?

- I'm not saying that. Again, we just want to make sure that we do our due diligence of that. Some family may reside stateside. Some may be even here in the Atlanta area. But again, we want to make sure that we do our due diligence to make sure that the identification of the victims have been handled first.

- Had you ever been called out to those locations before?

- I'm sorry?

- Have you ever-- have police ever been called to those locations before?

- Again, I think that was addressed last week. I mean, we've have had recent-- not recent-- we've had some incidents there, calls there. But again, that's not why we're here, so not.