Which athlete allegedly left Tana Mongeau for a Kardashian? Her story time explained

Tana Mongeau, the controversial YouTuber who is notorious for spilling secrets about her life in wide-ranging videos, . has her fans scrambling to figure out the identity of a mystery man in her latest story time. In the video titled “I CHOSE JAKE PAUL OVER AN ATHLETE & HE LEFT ME FOR A KARDASHIAN: STORYTIME,”. Mongeau claimed that in April 2019, she was “talking” to both Jake Paul and an unnamed athlete. She said she interpreted something the athlete said to her as a “sign” she needed to choose to be with Paul over him. After posting a selfie to Snapchat in Paul's bed, the athlete told her, essentially, that they are going to be good friends, thus ending the relationship. A day later, Mongeau claimed the athlete returned to L.A. and picked up a member of the Kardashian family to go on vacation. Multiple fans seem to think Devin Booker checks all the boxes, as he was seen picking up Kendall Jenner at the airport in April and May of 2019. It seems Mongeau wants to protect her mystery man’s identity so it’s not likely that she’ll make a statement confirming who it is