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Yahoo Sports' Hannah Keyser takes you through the wild Astros sign stealing scandal and ranks it on the Yikes and Fan scales. Watch the full episode of The Bandwagon on Yahoo Sports.

Video Transcript

- Astros stealin' signs.

HANNAH KEYSER: Yeah, OK, so the big one, the story that spawned multiple books that are going to seem slightly silly when they're published next year, so an attempt to tell us that the sports landscape is inexorably changed by a story that was immediately overshadowed by a literal plague. But this really was the scandal that threatened to break baseball for a minute there. There is enough material in MLB's report alone to fill an entire episode of "The Bandwagon."

And that doesn't even address the fact that Rob Manfred credulously claimed that Jeff Luhnow didn't know a damn thing about his team's [INAUDIBLE] success, despite literally sitting in on a PowerPoint presentation about a program that became known internally as Codebreaker, or the team's, quote unquote, Dark Arts, because that kind of psychotic self-confidence that [INAUDIBLE] an entire team to cheat for years on end is not super compatible with subtlety. I'm going to give this a full five out of five possible yikes.

- Yikes.

HANNAH KEYSER: What is there to buy into with baseball if not the agreed-upon publicly available rulebook and a belief that the better team will always win? What the Astros did ruined that. Could you imagine if they had won last year? But also banging scheme-- Rob Manfred wrote banging scheme so seriously eight times in nine pages to describe a sign-stealing operation that combined high-tech illegal video feeds and a comically low brow pounding on the closest waste receptacle. And it worked.

Five fans for the fact that baseball news dominated the winter. This controversy was exciting and cinematic and probably the last time Twitter was any fun at all. [BLEEP] I'm Hannah Keyser, and this is "The Bandwagon."


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