Astro vs Athletics

Hannah Keyser breaks down why people are upset the Astros have advancing this far

Video Transcript

HANNAH KEYSER: Currently, Mike Fiers and the former team he exposed for cheating their way to a world series championship are quarantining at the same hotel near Dodger Stadium, the site of their most infamous victory. He's probably going to pitch against them, too, for the first time since blowing the whistle.

The Astros upset both the higher-seeding Twins and probably a whole bunch of other people by advancing this far, and they know it.

CARLOS CORREA: I know a lot of people are mad. I know a lot of people don't want to see us here. But what are they going to say now?

HANNAH KEYSER: If I had to guess, probably something along the lines of, we hate you, or maybe something stronger. The Astros are trying to demonstrate that they can hit without knowing what pitch is coming, which they definitely did not do during the regular season.


They all had, like, the worst offensive numbers. And I'm not sure they proved much of anything in a couple of heartbreakingly close victories over a team that make crucial errors. But hey, that's something to watch for now, especially as they go up against the team that had been forced into second place in the single wildcard game playoff in recent years by the Astros' seemingly unstoppable success.

The A's were 7 and 3 against the Astros in the regular season this year, which is the first time they've had a wining season series against Houston since, well, long before 2017, which is the thing that really matters. It was 2014. If you care.

And I know everyone hates those in-game interviews of players who are presumably trying to focus on their most important day at the office this year. But come on. This was what Ramón Laureano had to say about an opposing player that he seems to actually really like and respect.


- Jiménez rips one.

RAMON LAUREANO: Got it. Got it.


Damn, he can [BLEEP] run.

HANNAH KEYSER: Somebody make sure he gets his 11 hours of sleep at night, because I want Laureano miked up and feeling good the entire series.