ASOS is Selling a Version of Julia Roberts’s Dress in Pretty Women

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Asos/Pretty Woman Split
(Photo: Asos/Everett Collection)

By Zoe Weiner

The ’90s is having a moment (hello, Lisa Frank eyeshadow palettes), and ASOS is cashing in on the trend by offering a nearly exact replica of one of the most iconic fashion items of the decade: Julia Roberts's cutout dress from Pretty Woman, reports

In the movie, which came out in 1990, Roberts wears the two-piece dress when her character is famously turned away from a luxury boutique on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills. "Big mistake," she tells the sales girl. "Huge."

The ASOS version was created as part of a capsule collection with British brand Hunza G, which created the original dress back in the ’90s. The sportswear brand launched in 1984 as Hunza under designer Peter Meadows. According to Refinery29, it became successful because of the film, as the cutout dress instantly became one of the most widely recognized items in movie history.

ASOS is calling the dress, which comes in blue, black, and red, the “Crinkle Iconic Mini Beach Dress,” implying that it’s meant for a day at the beach instead of, say, shopping in Beverly Hills à la Vivian Ward. Hunza G, however, calls it “The Pretty Woman Dress” on Instagram.

The ASOS dress is made with the same crinkle-stretch fabric as the original, which was known to be the company’s signature style. The dress retails for $215, and is part of an eight-piece collaboration between the two British brands. Under the helm of its new designer, Georgina Huddart, Hunza G has veered toward modern sportswear while still staying true to its party girl roots. On its website, there are ample body-conscious dresses, bodysuits, and swimsuits featuring bright color-blocking, which is also reflected in the ASOS collection. Items in the line retail from $158 to $215. If only we had Richard Gere’s credit card to swipe.


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This story originally appeared on Allure.

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