Ashton Kutcher Smooches Mila Kunis in Sweet Snap Before Going Shirtless on The Tonight Show

Dave Quinn
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Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis have still got it.

The married That 70s Show actors — who will celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary this July — shared a sweet smooch on social media in a photo Kutcher posted to Instagram on Monday to promote their at-home appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Their loving photo was snapped while the two sun-kissed stars stood outdoors in a large field of orange flowers, and watermarked with the NBC late-night show's logo.

Hours later, the duo showed off their senses of humor, playing a voice swap game with Fallon where they took turns acting as ventriloquist dummies while answering personal interview questions for each other.

Ashton Kutcher Instagram

The game had Kunis, 36, laughing so hard that her eyes filled with tears. "I don't know how people keep a straight face," she said during the bit. "Do you know what my worst fear, and I said I'll never do it, is Saturday Night Live. Because of this! I enjoy laughter, and I have a very hard time holding it down."

Meanwhile, Kutcher, 42, got frisky during the game, taking off his shirt while Kunis joked about his chest hair being in the shape of "a permanent bat signal."

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That kind of fun is the exactly the energy Kutcher and Kunis bring to parenting daughter Wyatt Isabelle, 5, and son Dimitri Portwood, 3, especially during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Asked how they've been doing with homeschooling, the couple revealed they've come up with a creative solution to handle the problem of keeping their kids entertained.

"The one thing we did do that I feel like is a good hack is we enlisted our friends to do 20-minute Zoom sessions with our kids," Kunis explained. "We were like, 'Teach our kids anything.' And so that gives us 20 minutes fo not parenting and also allows our kids to have another interaction."

"It works really well with people who are single and they're at home and they're alone and they don't have kids that they chase around all day, so they've got a free 20 minutes and the kids just engage in them," Kutcher added.

So far, Kutcher and Kunis' friends have helped teach their kids about a wide array of things, from sustainable energy and electricity to architecture, building, and how to make flower arrangements. There was even a lesson in baking cookies.

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"We piggyback off of our school's curriculum," Kunis said. "I don't want to take away, their schools are amazing at helping the parent. So we just piggyback."

"We set up a curriculum for the week and we plan it out and figure out what the kids are going to learn throughout the week," continued Kutcher. "This week we're doing the human body. So we're going to learn about the skeletal system, the digestive system. We have the kids ask questions at the beginning of the week and then throughout the week we have to get the answers to the questions."

Both also stressed that the experience has taught them just how much they "appreciate teachers," though Kutcher has said he's learned he really loves teaching himself.

"I realized I'm a fantastic T.A. I'm like, a professional T.A.," joked Kunis. "This one over here, god bless it, man. Really."

And when they don't have the answers? "We all have Google," Kutcher said. "It's magic."

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Also on The Tonight Show, Kutcher and Kunis opened up about "Quarantine," their special line of Pinot Noir which donates 100 percent of its profits to four charities helping with COVID-19 relief efforts: Give Directly, Direct Relief, The Frontline Responders Fund and America’s Food Fund.

The pair launched the product back in April with Nocking Point Wines and Battle Creek Vineyards, thinking that the product — which sells for $50 for two bottles — would give fans something to help them survive their time indoors while also giving back.

Little did they know, the wine would be a massive hit.

"In eight hours, we sold out 2,000 cases," Kunis said. "We were shocked. It blew our minds and then we quickly started."

"We've raised like, $1,000,000," Kutcher said.

"People have been incredible," said Kunis. "I want people to keep giving and knowing that it's going to the right places and feel good about it."

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