Ashley Tisdale's Grown-Up Health, Beauty and Wellness Regimen: Exclusive

Ashley Tisdale captured hearts as a 20-year-old on Disney Channel, but now she's a 38-year-old mom of a daughter, Jupiter, and is choosing mindfulness over a glitzy Sharpay Evans-style approach to beauty and wellness.

From launching "Being Frenshe" with Target, explained as: "A new line of beauty & personal care products by Ashley Tisdale that puts wellness at the forefront. Target Clean–certified," to collaborating with Colgate on oral health and raising awareness about the anxiety that can come from dentist visits, and so much more, Tisdale is truly putting her words and passions into action.

Parade recently had a chance to sit down with Tisdale and chat about her grown-up health, beauty and wellness regimen, as well as the advice she'd give her younger self when it comes to preventative beauty, anxiety and confidence.

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Tisdale's Biggest Beauty and Wellness Priority

"To me, my mental health is just like the most important thing. And I think that I really love to, you know, just create stuff that is really grounding for me," Tisdale tells Parade.

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As Tisdale worked to figure out life with a two-year-old, she quickly realized she needed to make time for herself.

"My meditation stuff in the morning is key for me to just set up my day. And so I had to really be like, 'Okay, in order to get this done, I have to wake up earlier than Jupiter,'" Tisdale says. "Whether it's three minutes to five minutes or even a ten-minute [meditation], it really just can make you feel so great and present throughout the day."

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#1 Beauty Blunder from Her Past

Reflecting on her younger years, Tisdale was not immune to the some beauty blunders. Yeah, that's right, even Ashley Tisdale fell prey to the skinny brows trend of the early 2000s.

"I definitely did try to tweeze my eyebrows and tweeze a little bit too much. And I remember, like, that left eyebrow really did not grow in for a long time," Tisdale recalls. "It just was always, like, just different. It was so funny."

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Beauty Advice for Her Younger Self

Eyebrow mishaps aside, luckily for Tisdale, she was on top of her preventative beauty. She started using eye cream in her early twenties. But, she says, if she could tell her younger self anything, it would be to care for her body more.

"I remember when I was in high school, I was really good at taking a shower and then putting like oil on and I had such soft skin. And then for like a really good amount of time, I just like, stopped," Tisdale admits. "I really feel that I now really give love to my body and it's just something that I think I stopped for a minute."

Washing her face and caring for her teeth are the two areas of wellness that Tisdale says she "won't compromise on." This lead her to partner with Colgate Total Plaque Pro-Release to talk about the biggest lies people have told to their dentists in an effort to relieve people's anxiety around caring for their teeth.

"I just have always been an anxious person going to the dentist. And so it's like, whatever I can do besides flossing to prevent obviously, cavities and gingivitis is like, I'm in." Tisdale told Parade.

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Looking Toward the Future

Becoming a mother has helped Tisdale reconsider her body and the way she feels about herself.

"What I pay more attention to is just giving love to my body because I've had definitely. like, a postpartum journey with that and not really knowing whose body this is," Tisdale says. "It's just so different and so it took me a while, but I think it's just so important that we give love to ourselves and love those flaws and imperfections. And I know I've said that years ago, but it's now part of my journey to do it again."

For now, she's looking to the future and is embracing all that comes with being a "girl mom."

"I'm so excited to share the things that I have learned with my daughter. I'm a pretty independent person and I really never have relied on people. And so I see that she's really independent herself," Tisdale says. "And so I kind of see that that's just going to be like such a strength for her, just like it is for me."

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