Ashley Graham's 7-Minute Abs and Arms Workout Will Have Your Core Full-On Shaking

Maggie Ryan

Prepare your abs, because Ashley Graham's "Thank Bod" YouTube series is back! The supermodel started sharing her workouts when she was pregnant last year, and now that she's seven months postpartum, she's hitting the fitness game once again, swapping her gym for her garage and a seven-day workout challenge.

Day two was an arms and abs workout, and of course, Graham didn't disappoint. This seven-minute, six-move bodyweight workout, created by Graham's trainer Kira Stokes, features exercises that work your core and upper body, and it's no walk in the park. Check out the workout below, then keep reading to watch Ashley demo the moves and get step-by-step instructions to do them yourself.


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Ashley Graham's 7-Minute Bodyweight Arms and Abs Workout

Complete the following exercises. Graham goes one time through the routine, but you can add a second round for a longer workout.



Dead bug

45 seconds

Renegade row to plank toe tap

10 reps or 45 seconds

Tricep push-up on knees

10 reps

Elevated tricep dip

5 dips, 5 pulses, 5 dips

Spiderman plank

45 seconds

Bridge chest opener roll-up

45 seconds