Ashley Graham, pregnant with twins, shares video of her growing baby bump

Ashley Graham is getting ready to welcome her twins into the world.

The 33-year-old supermodel is already a mother to 1-year-old Isaac with her husband Justin Ervin. But after announcing her second pregnancy in July, and surprising fans with the news that she's expecting twins, Graham is embracing her growing baby bump yet again.

Ashley Graham shows off her growing baby bump. (Photo: Getty Images)
Ashley Graham shows off her growing baby bump. (Photo: Getty Images) (CBS Photo Archive via Getty Images)

In an Instagram post shared on Wednesday night, Graham showed her belly and how it bounces around as she laughs.

"Can’t wait to meet you guys," she captioned it. She also included a photo of her stomach from the side.

Followers were most enthralled by the movement of the little babies, which Graham confirmed in September are both boys.

"WOAH!!! they are active!!! You’re a powerhouse!" one person commented.

"This is so beautiful! Nothing like those precious baby kicks x2!!" wrote another.

Many others encouraged Graham to enjoy the special moments of a twin pregnancy while she's still carrying them. "I know this sensation, I have twins too," someone commented. "The best sensation ever."

Graham hasn't been shy about sharing photos from her pregnancy as she's taken to social media to share updates of her bump and even reminders of self-love as she watches her body change.

"My mom walked in on me putting lotion on my stretch marks this morning. Then she showed me her old stretch marks and reminded me to love myself and be kind to my body," she tweeted in September. "So now I’m reminding you."