Ashley Graham Gives Her Sexiest Jessica Rabbit Performance for Love Magazine

Ashley Graham Gives Her Sexiest Jessica Rabbit Performance for Love Magazine

It may be the day after Christmas, but Love magazine isn’t quite through with us yet. While for most, an advent calendar correlates with a countdown to Christmas, i.e. 25 days of surprises that then come to an abrupt end, for Love an advent calendar is a 31-day non-stop, lingerie-fueled affair. So while you may have thought that this year’s season of scantily clad girls had finally come to its inevitable conclusion with Kendall Jenner’s trippy meditation-inspired clip, the magazine still has one more surprise up its sleeve. To get you out of your holiday cookie-induced doldrums, Ashley Graham is here in a curve-hugging corset to play everyone’s favorite cartoon pin-up, Jessica Rabbit.

The minute-long clip shot by Love favorite Phil Poynter is yet another homage to a classic film scene, as for 2016 the magazine has strayed from its usual formula of jiggling body parts in barely there fashions and opted to recreate some famously scandalous movie scenes instead. This year, they’ve already taken on Margot Robbie’s suggestive monologue from Wolf of Wall Street, Irina Shayk threw some misshapen pottery as Demi Moore in Ghost, and Barbara Palvin spread her legs à la Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. And now, a Agent Provocateur corset and leopard print legging-clad Ashley Graham embodies a woman as impossibly curvaceous as she is, Jessica Rabbit from the animated classic Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

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In the black-and-white video which begins by asking “Who Framed Ashley Graham?,” the Sports Illustrated cover star gives a tour de force dramatic performance as the red-headed femme fatale. Feeling herself up while the camera focuses on her ample assets, Graham talks to an off-screen detective, saying, “You’ve got the wrong idea about me, Mr. Valiant. I’m a pawn in this, just like Roger. Can you help me find him? Just name the price and I’ll pay it.” At which point the voiceover says, “Yeah I bet you would, you’ve got to have the rabbit to make the scam work.” In response, the model demurs, “No, no, no, I love my husband! You’ve got it all wrong! You don’t know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do.” She concludes, “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way,” raising an opera gloved hand and throwing an animated kiss at the camera. Hey, at least if the whole supermodel thing doesn’t work out, Ashley can always fall back on her acting chops.

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