Asha Bromfield Opened Up to Lili Reinhart About Her ‘Devastating’ Experience As a Black Actress on ‘Riverdale’

Jenzia Burgos

It isn’t enough to give Black actors roles in television if they’re only going “stand in the background.” This topic came up as Lili Reinhart and Asha Bromfield called out Riverdale’s diversity tactics on June 9, amid ongoing conversations about The CW show’s lack of fair-pay and representation. Lili, 23, invited Asha, 24, to an Instagram Live broadcast to chat about her experience playing Melody, drummer of Josie and the Pussycats—a.k.a. one of the only Black recurring characters on the show.

Riverdale fans were waiting for Asha’s take after fellow actress Vanessa Morgan went public about her own experiences on the show. Morgan tweeted her disappointment over how Hollywood portrays Black characters,...

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