Artist recreates Netflix intro using just $30 worth of yarn: 'Coolest thing I've seen'

A stop-motion animator recreated the iconic Netflix intro using $30 worth of yarn (and quite a bit of expertise).

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Netflix’s logo intro has become a staple in households worldwide to the streaming service’s nearly 222 million subscribers across 190 countries. The red logo appears as the “ta-dum” sound plays. As the logo disappears, the camera pans in, and multi-colored stripes flash across the screen.

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Animator Kevin Parry took it upon himself to recreate the signature intro using his stop-motion skills and inexpensive crafting materials.

“I was watching Netflix one day and thought, ‘I can totally make an arts and crafts version of this,'” Parry said in a video he tweeted. “So I went and bought like $30 worth of yarn and got to work making a bunch of Ns with cardboard and school glue.”

To create the effect of the red “N” morphing into the multi-colored stripes, Parry created a stop-motion “contraption.”

“I grabbed some plastic panels and built this contraption that would let me string up the yarn and fly it at the camera,” he explained. “I spent about three days doing that frame-by-frame, and here we have a low-budget Netflix intro.”

The end result was so convincing. You could only tell Parry’s intro was stop-motion because of the yarn and cardboard’s frayed edges. The video racked up over 8.2 million views on Twitter.

“I know I saw you do this, but my brain is still like: How did he do this?” a user tweeted.

“Well done! Reminds me of the days when MTV showed their logo animation in many different ways made by artists,” another wrote.

“Coolest thing I’ve seen all day,” someone added.

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