Artist Laetitia Ky Created Breathtaking Hair Sculptures in Collaboration With Marc Jacobs

Gabi Thorne

Laetitia Ky is known for creating gorgeous pieces of art using a slightly unconventional medium: her locs. Her innovative sculptures have gone viral on several platforms, especially TikTok, where she shares behind-the-scenes videos of how she creates these styles. This week, it looks like Ky's work has gotten attention from the high-fashion set — Marc Jacobs, in particular. The artist just revealed three new looks to promote a few bags from the world-famous luxury brand.

Ky shared photos of the project with her Instagram fans on July 23. "Creating those images for @marcjacobs was a pure time of joy," she wrote in the caption. "Inspiration will be always at its max when you love the product you promote ! I am in love with all my new bags and #thetotebag is my new favorite ! 😊😊😊 #marcjacobs."

For the first image, Ky sculpted her hair to look like a cute little dog "sitting" in a pink version of the Marc Jacobs Small Traveler Tote Bag. To complete the look, Ky is wearing the black A-line Tent Dress from the brand. She shared a video detailing parts of the process on TikTok where you see her twisting her locs to form the adorable creature. 

Ky tells Allure that this was her favorite look of the three she created. "I was thinking about what I could put in it if I wanted to do a cute picture," she says. "I immediately thought about cute animals since that's universally loved."

Ky's hair is literally holding the second bag, a salmon pink crossbody known as the Quilted Softshot 21, in the next image (my personal fave). She styled her locs into the shape of an arm and hand that spring from the middle of her head. Her hair grasps the small purse, almost delicately, between its thumb and forefinger as Ky gives a Tyra Banks-worthy smize. The rosy hue of the bag pairs beautifully with her tan deer-printed cardigan.

The last photo is the only look in which Ky's hair doesn't touch the bags at all. In a light gray Kat Dress with a Peter Pan collar, she stares straight at the camera with the peachy nude Snapshot DTM crossbody draped over the shoulder. A few of her locs emerge from her head molded into the letters "MJ" as a direct ode to the brand, while the rest are tied into an effortless low ponytail.

There truly seems to be no limit to the looks Ky can create. This collaboration with Marc Jacobs is just another testament to her artistic ability and skills. Scroll through Ky's Instagram for more of her intricate hair pieces.

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