Artist Draws Famous Disney Characters as the Starbucks Logo

There’s a Starbucks in every Disney World theme park, each one a godsend to sleep-deprived parents with hyped up kids on their hands.

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But our favorite mashup of the two brands is the decidedly unofficial work of Ursula Doughty, the Austria-based artist behind a series of logo mashups that replace the iconic Starbucks siren with just as iconic characters from Disney movies.

Doughty uses EverBlend art markers to render in the coffee company’s trademark green and white round logos of Disney characters from Scar to Forky to the Genie.

In many of the posts, she suggests a drink that the logo could adorn, from a Caramel Carl Frappuccino for the old man from Up to a Blue Genie Mocha Frappuccino (that one you should be able to figure out). She also includes multiple characters in most posts, so make sure you swipe through and don’t miss any of them.

Doughty’s work carries on the tradition of unofficial Disney art including princesses unafraid of the ugly cry and Disney princes but they all look like American hero Keanu Reeves.

You won’t want to miss the details Doughty includes in each drawing, from the lamp and Iago in the Genie logo to Sebastian accompanying the Little Mermaid, presumably at the chain’s first under the sea location.

Starbucks does something similar every holiday season when it introduces themed cups. Why not bring Disney-inspired cups at least to the locations within Disney Parks? because the only thing better than a hot cup of coffee when your kids dragged you out of bed is when that coffee comes in a cup emblazoned with the character who inspired their need to visit Disney in the first place.

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