The ARMY Will Soon Be Able to Order BTS' Favorite McDonald's Order | Billboard News

BTS has teamed up with McDonald's as part of its year-long Famous Orders campaign to reveal what they have in the sack when they visit the burger chain.

Video Transcript


TETRIS KELLY: No [? army, ?] you're not mistaken. McDonald's is bringing BTS meals your way. The fast food giant hopped on socials and announced the partnership saying, coming this May, the BTS meal. They TikToked these sweet voices.


The added lunch dates for the BTS meal, which hits the United States on May 26 and will be crossing the globe to Brazil, Morocco, the Philippines, and more.

And of course social media is living. This user took the time to name each of the fries after a member, stating, I'm sorry Jimin. You're so small and cute, though, to which McDonald's replied, love this.

The order is said to include McNuggets, a medium fry, a medium drink, and sweet chili and cajun dipping sauces inspired by recipes from McDonald's South Korea. Sounds dynamite.

BTS: (SINGING) Na, na. [? life is ?] dynamite.

TETRIS KELLY: Can't wait. I wonder how many they're going to let you order at once? Running it down for you always, I'm Tetris Kelly for Billboard News.