Armie Hammer's Ex Elizabeth Chambers Broke Her Silence On Their Split And The Docuseries "House Of Hammer"

Warning: Discussion of sexual abuse.

Elizabeth Chambers broke her silence on ex Armie Hammer, the allegations surrounding him, and the documentary House of Hammer.

Elizabeth and Armie at event when they were still a couple
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For context, Elizabeth and Armie announced their split after 10 years of marriage in mid-2020. The following year, disturbing allegations — including rape — were publicly made against him by numerous women.

A bearded Armie at a red carpet event
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Shortly after the allegations surfaced, Elizabeth released a brief statement that read, "I am shocked, heartbroken, and devastated. Heartbreak aside, I am listening, and will continue to listen and educate myself on these delicate matters. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know."

Speaking now to E! about the her decision to split from Armie, Elizabeth said, "A divorce is a was the last thing I ever wanted."

  Christopher Polk / Getty Images
Christopher Polk / Getty Images

She continued, "I consider myself a feminist and stand in solidarity with anyone who has been a victim of any sort, and hope they find healing. I'm not being here like, 'My life is amazing,' because it's been hell for a long time."

  Tibrina Hobson / WireImage / Getty Images
Tibrina Hobson / WireImage / Getty Images

As for her current relationship with Armie, the divorce has yet to be finalized. "We are in a really great place. We talk all the time. We're committed fully and wholly to our children and to being together as much as possible in a nonromantic way for our kids. Kids need their mom; kids need their dad. So there's nothing we won't do," Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth and Armie holding their children on the red carpet
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"Armie has been focused on his healing," she continued. "I'm here to support that process. It's going to make him the best father, the best person he can be. At the end of the day, that's the goal. We're in constant communication, and all that matters is that he is the best dad for our children."

Elizabeth and Armie smiling
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She added, "Time does heal, but time alone doesn't heal. You need to work through it. People are flawed. People make horrible mistakes. People change, by the way."

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As for the docuseries House of Hammer, Elizabeth said that she watched it with her "support system." She explained, "It was obviously heartbreaking on so many levels and very painful. But at the same time, it exists. The past is the past, and all we can do is take this as a moment to learn and listen, and hopefully process and heal in every capacity."

Adding that she was "surprised" by what she saw, she continued, "[The filmmakers] reached out, but in this process, all that's mattered and does matter is the kids and our family, and that was not something that was going to be in line with my goals for them."

Elizabeth in a strapless outfit
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You can read the full interview with Elizabeth here.

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