Arizona Resident Finds Bobcat Inside Using the Dog Bed

What do you even do in this situation?

Every time we leave the house, the first thing we think about is how we’re so excited to get back to our fur babies. We’re always curious about how they spend their days while we’re away. We’re sure they can get very lonely. But we’d take their loneliness and knowing that they’re safe over this scare that happened recently in Arizona.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department posted pictures on March 7 of what one Arizona resident came home to. Instead of expecting to see their dog in a doggy bed, they found a wild animal in its place, snuggling up on the bed. And trust us, this might be the last animal you’d ever expect to come home to. Check out this clip from 12News to learn more.

O.M.G. What in the world would you even do in this situation!? We’d absolutely scream and panic and frantically look for our dog. We feel so bad because this dog named Squeakers was seriously injured by the bobcat and will be undergoing surgery. Ugh, poor Squeakers. We’ll be praying for you!

It is suspected that the bobcat entered through an unlocked dog door. Then when an officer arrived, the bobcat escaped. Hopefully, this owner will remember to keep the doggy door locked from now on. And that goes for everyone. You wouldn’t want to come home to a surprise like this.

Twitter user @dudewtfnow responded to the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s post saying, “Mr. Bob didn’t even bother to check Airbnb for room availability, he just crashed in.” Ha! That’s one way to keep the cost down.

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