Ariana Madix Went On The "Call Her Daddy" Podcast To Break Her Silence On "Scandoval," And There's So Much We Didn't Know

Let's get right to it. On Wednesday, Ariana Madix was a guest on Alex Cooper's Call Her Daddy podcast ahead of the Vanderpump Rules reunion to set the record straight on all things "Scandoval."

A close-up of Ariana
Call Her Daddy

In case you've still been living under a rock and have no idea what I'm talking about, I'll give you the CliffsNotes: Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix — both cast members on Vanderpump Rules — were together for nine years, but Tom was recently exposed for having a seven-month-long affair with Raquel Leviss, their fellow cast member and good friend.

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At this point, it's hard to think there's anything we don't know about the scandal, since it seems as if there's been nonstop information every day for the past three months. But it turns out that Ariana still had a few new tidbits to share. Here are the most shocking things we learned from her interview:

1.The night she found out about the affair, Ariana took an Uber home with Tom, and at one point Ariana was on the phone with Scheana Shay while Tom was on the phone with Raquel.

Tom Sandoval during a confessional

Ariana said, according to the interview, "Why are you on the phone with her? Who gives a shit about her right now?" And she said that Tom was "very dismissive" and "very defiant" on their ride home.


2.Once they got home, Ariana says, she and Tom entered a "screaming match," and she didn't get to sleep until 6 a.m. According to her, Tom was "mad at her the entire time."

Tom yelling

3.Ariana said that she would have believed someone about the affair if it were told to her off camera, but if someone had brought it to her on camera, she would've assumed it was simply content for the show.

Tom hugging Ariana

4.In terms of "red flags" in relationship, Ariana said that in the beginning, Tom liked to go out a lot, but she assumed that was just the "phase of life" she and Tom were in. As time went on, Ariana left that phase and Tom seemed to stay in it.

Ariana said "I still like to go out and have fun. I go to festivals, I party, I have a good time. But as far as going out during the week for the hell of it...that's just not where I'm at anymore"
Call Her Daddy

5.When asked by Alex if she thinks Tom is a pathological liar, Ariana responded, "Clearly, in the last seven months, he was a pathological liar."

Alex and Ariana sitting across from each other

She continued, "It's now hard for me to look back at nine years, and if I tell myself he's a pathological liar, that means that the last nine years of my life were potentially a lie."

Call Her Daddy

6.Even though Tom claimed in the finale that Ariana didn't want to do couples therapy with him, they actually DID enter couples therapy together — after Tom and Raquel had already started the affair. And it turns out that couples therapy was supposed to be part of Tom's "eventual plan" to end their relationship.

Ariana saying that he even said they went to couples therapy and their relationship got so much better

According to Ariana, there was even a session where it seemed as if she and Tom were ending. But when their therapist asked if this was a breakup, Tom responded, "No."

Call Her Daddy

7.When asked if, before everything about Tom's affair came out, she was truly happy in the relationship, Ariana responded, "I don't know."

Ariana looking sad

She explained, "I think I was a version of happy that I thought was, I don't know, what I wanted. And I also felt like the bones of the relationship were good, and I felt as through the potential for the relationship to be just incredible was there."


8.Ariana told Alex that although Tom keeps trying to say that he and Ariana were leading separate lives, if you look at their camera rolls, there's proof of them going to concerts, going on dates, and putting effort into their relationship.

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Call Her Daddy

9.Ariana said that after the night Raquel and Tom allegedly had sex in Tom and Ariana's home while she was out of town grieving the death of her grandmother, Tom, Raquel, and Tom Schwartz FaceTimed her the very next morning.

Ariana speaking into a microphone
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10.Ariana said that she and Tom Sandoval were having sex "multiple times" in January while he was secretly having the affair with Raquel. And after a romantic date on Valentine's Day, Ariana said that she and Tom had a conversation about breaking up, and Tom mentioned that he thought he might be having a "midlife crisis."

Ariana saying "That was hourslong"
Call Her Daddy

11.Ariana said that she told Tom if they did break up, she would probably "quit the show, leave Los Angeles," and "deactivate [her] Instagram." She never told Tom that she would "kill herself" if the relationship ended, as he claims.

Ariana saying she's not talking about physically harming herself

"I was saying this life will be over for me, because I will go do something else," she clarified.

Call Her Daddy

12.Ariana told Tom that if he thinks their relationship is over, he'd have to be the one to end it, because she was committed to making things work.

A close-up of Tom

13.Apparently, before everything came out, Raquel sent a text message to Tom encouraging him to tell Ariana about their affair, but told him to leave out certain details, like them "sleeping in the house together."

Close-up of Raquel

14.Ariana thinks Tom was the one who started the rumors about them having an open relationship, because Raquel allegedly told a mutual friend that Tom told her they did.

Ariana telling Alex, ""[Raquel] told a mutual friend that she thought me and Tom were in an open relationship because apparently he told her that at one point"
Call Her Daddy

15.Ariana recently found out that Tom brought Raquel to his hometown, St. Louis, during the affair, and his family knew but was "not condoning" what was happening. He'd put her up in a hotel during these trips.

Raquel and Tom sitting together on a couch

16.Ariana fully believes that Tom and Raquel had sex in their guest room while she was also home, asleep in the primary bedroom. She also believes that Tom went to bed with her and then sneaked off to the guest room to have sex with Raquel.

Ariana saying "Yes, I believe that"
Call Her Daddy

17.Ariana claims that after Tom filmed his scene with Raquel in the finale, he came back to their home and screamed at her and her friends about them "having a party" and then eventually went back to Raquel's.

Tom cupping Raquel's face with his hands and looking at her

18.Ariana said that she believes Tom's master plan was to end their relationship without mentioning the affair at all, and then Tom and Raquel would "start dating" publicly afterward.

Ariana saying "I would've been just a cog in the machine of this whole narrative"
Call Her Daddy

19.Ariana recently found out that during Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz's Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen appearance in February, Raquel was in New York City with them — she was waiting in a hotel room.

Schwartz and Sandoval sitting together

20.Tom Sandoval used other people's credit cards and Venmoed them afterward to cover his and Raquel's tracks during the affair.

Raquel and Sandoval looking at each other

21.And finally, after everything that's happened, Tom's family still hasn't reached out to Ariana.

Rachel saying "I understand, like, what would they say? I guess I think they'd just be like, 'Hey, this sucks'"
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You can listen to Ariana's full Call Her Daddy interview on Spotify. And you can stream Season 10 of Vanderpump Rules on Peacock.