Ariana Grande's 'Before and After' Makeup Selfies Have Me Sold on Her New Concealer

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Ariana Grande's 'Before and After' Makeup Selfies Have Me Sold on Her New Concealer

Just when we thought we were all makeup-free selfied out for the day (read: Jennifer Aniston and Kim Kardashian bare all on Instagram), Ariana Grande only went and made the duo a trio with her take on the au naturale 'Gram pic. The more the merrier, hey!

Last night (UK time, ofc), Ari took to her IG story to share a 'before' and 'after !!!' set of pictures that show off the talents of her brand new, yet-to-be-released r.e.m. beauty concealer. And let me just preface the following by saying warning: I shall be the first to add a dozen of this ∼what seems to be∼ miracle product to my online shopping cart. T-minus two days for the drop, peeps. The race is on...

But don't just take my word for it. Take a look at Ari's before and after transformation below:

Here's the before:

Side note: Is she not just the sweetest soul?

And here's the after:

Glowing, dewy, bright... all of that good stuff, really.

In the before snap, Ari shows her naturally beautiful skin in all its glory. Then, with just a tap of the screen and a few fluttery falsies later, the star is transformed, rocking a full-face semi-glam makeup look. *Chef's kiss*.

Now, if you needed any more evidence (which, IDK why you would but hey-ho) that this concealer shall be one to look out for, the r.e.m. beauty Instagram account shared a video using it themselves.

Diffusing out the product with her very own r.e.m. beauty makeup sponge (that is yet to be released), the concealer is seen to melt into the skin effortlessly. Oh, and need not worry re. shade range, for there are 60, yes 60 (!!) different shades to choose from.

BRB, I've gotta set a countdown timer on my phone...

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