Ariana Grande Launches Blushes From R.e.m. Beauty That "Synch With Your Skin

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Meet the Hypernova blushes and bronzers.

<p>r.e.m. beauty</p>

r.e.m. beauty

Plenty of celebrity beauty brands have come under fire for feeling inauthentic, but that can't be said about r.e.m. beauty. Ariana Grande's TikTok-loved, viral beauty brand is full of references to her iconic retro-futuristic '60s-mod style from the shade names and packaging to the overall dreamy vibes.

Although r.e.m.'s aesthetic is top-tier, it's the brand's formulas and pigments that have earned it a loyal following. The skincare-first foundation went viral on social media, the concealer has both Grande and us obsessed, and the eyeliner pencil has earned the stamp of approval from the Queen of Drag, RuPaul.

However, there were a few things missing in every r.e.m. stan's stash, namely, blush and bronzer. That is until today. Ahead, everything you need to know about the brand's latest releases, Hypernova Satin Matte Blush ($20) and Hypernova Satin Matte Bronzer ($25).

The Products

R.e.m. does have multi-use cheek and lip sticks in its offering already, but the Hypernova collection is the brand's first foray into traditional powder blushes and bronzers. Both formulas are pressed powders in space-inspired silver pans—round for the blushes and square for the bronzers. The collection has 14 shades total, with eight blushes and six bronzers.

<p>r.e.m. beauty</p>

r.e.m. beauty

Per the brand, the Hypernova Satin Matte Blush feels "light as air" while providing hydration and, of course, major pigment. Ranging from hot pinks to corals and browns, the shade Stars in the Sand is the darkest of the group with a warm golden auburn hue. The shade Pinking of You, a cool-toned pink, is the lightest of them all. Shades like Rose on Mars and Each Planet are pretty, mid-toned pinks, and Strawberry Nebula is a hot magenta.

Grande tells Byrdie exclusively that "we really took our time to develop this formula, and it's just so unique." She adds that the blushes are "flexible powder that syncs with your skin." She says she especially loves "the blurred soft-focus effect" they give to the skin. "I wanted to put a vibrant and warm twist on some of my all-time favorite colors to wear," she adds. "Blush can really pull together a look, whether it’s a pop of color or a natural flush. I love seeing people use multiple shades to express themselves."

<p>r.e.m. beauty</p>

r.e.m. beauty

Hypernova Satin Matte Bronzer provides the same light as air feeling, and Grande considers it a "sister formula to the blush." Grande says, "It's such a lightweight powder and easy to work with if you want to add all-over warmth or a contour that looks natural and diffused."

As far as the shades go, the darkest is Espresso Martini, and the lightest is Send to voicemail, spanning not just rich to fair skin tones, but various undertones as well. "These shades flex across all skin tones and add a natural-looking warmth to the skin," says Grande. "We took our time and care developing them to avoid any green or orange tones that can come with bronzing."

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The Formulas

As is typical for r.e.m, there aren't just powerhouse pigments packed inside the compacts, but skin-loving ingredients as well.

Both the bronzer and blush utilize vegetable emollients "for weightless powder feel and smooth glide application." This is what gives the powders their Grande-loved light as air feel on the skin

<p>r.e.m. beauty</p>

r.e.m. beauty

Both formulas use black tea kombucha ferment to help improve the skin's hydration barrier on top of snow mushroom extracts to penetrate provide deep hydration. Goji berry extract is the last skincare ingredient in the powders, which provides all-day antioxidants, increases elasticity and promotes collagen production. 

For an extra-special touch, each product also has a custom raspberry rose fragrance made by Grande herself in the r.e.m. lab.

The Hypernova collection is available now on and will be available on starting 2/11.

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