Ariana DeBose Responds to Viral BAFTAs Performance and "Angela Bassett Did The Thing" Memes

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Ariana DeBose Responds to BAFTAs MemesKate Green/BAFTA - Getty Images
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Ariana DeBose low-key responded to the internet's obsession with her BAFTAs performance, which went viral in part due to her uttering the instantly iconic line "Angela Bassett did the thing." Sorry, full quote: “Angela Bassett did the thing, Viola Davis my 'Woman King,' Blanchett Cate you’re a genius, Jamie Lee you are all of us."

Anyway, the reaction was obviously swift:

And initially, it seemed like Ariana was upset due to the fact that she deactivated her Twitter. Plus, BAFTAs producer Nick Bullen released a lengthy statement to Variety saying the internet's reaction was “incredibly unfair, to be frank.” He also made these v. fair points:

"Everybody I’ve spoken to who was in the room absolutely loved it. She’s a huge star, she was amazing. The songs she was singing are very familiar songs, the room was clapping, and people were sort of dancing to the music. That rap section in the middle, mentioning the women in the room, was because it’s been a great year for women in film, and we wanted to celebrate that. And here is a woman of color who is at the absolute top of her game. And she’s opening the BAFTAs with a song that said so much on so many levels. All of those mentions, I felt, from the moment we were rehearsing it right through to the transmission last night, spoke to what we wanted to do."

However, it looks like Ariana is enjoying the memes because she hopped into the comments of Evan Ross Katz's Insta post above and wrote "honestly I love this."

Kay, that's all, back to saying "Angela Bassett did the thing" at every available opportunity.

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