Arapahoe Basin, CO Reaches Net-Zero Carbon Footprint Ahead Of Schedule

Arapahoe Basin announced that they are "proud to share that we have been operating on a net-zero carbon footprint months ahead of our 2025 goal!" See below.

In 2018, our team created a six-step plan to reach carbon neutrality.

These steps included working towards 75% waste diversion, improved transportation efficiency, responsible procurement, no net increase in domestic water use, and continuing to lead in ecosystem stewardship and wildlife management.

In October 2023, a major milestone was completed: converting all electricity use at the ski area to 100% renewable sources. Since then, buildings, electric vehicle charging stations, lifts, snowmaking activities, and other ski area needs have run on clean electricity.

The final step to reaching net zero was to continually reduce Scope 1 direct greenhouse gas emissions and, on the way to eliminating these emissions completely, offset them through tangible carbon reduction projects.

Arapahoe Basin partnered with Terrapass to create a portfolio of U.S.-based, third-party verified carbon offsets.

Terrapass is a carbon offset company that started in 2004 with the intent of helping everyday people reduce the environmental impact of their driving, flying, and energy consumption.

Terrapass is committed to ensuring verifiable and impactful projects in the forestry, landfill gas capture, and renewable energy sectors, both in the avoidance and removal categories.

The best part of this announcement is it is in no way virtue signaling. Arapahoe Basin wrote that "while we celebrate this accomplishment, we acknowledge the work ahead of us still."

"Carbon offsets are not the final solution and our sustainability efforts do not stop here. Since moving to 100% renewable electricity sourcing in October, our next big step is full electrification of our vehicle fleet and buildings."

On April 20, Arapahoe Basin will be hosting their annual Sustainability Bash to commemorate their completed and continued sustainability efforts.

The event will be filled with demos, raffles, and education around their current environmental program, with proceeds benefiting our community partner, High County Conservation.

Be there and celebrate moving in the right direction in the ski industry. Arapahoe Basin's saying behind their actions likely resonates with many. "We have the power to protect our powder!"

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