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People swear making this one change in their shower made their hair, skin and nails feel so much softer

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If you use a Brita pitcher to filter your water, it’s probably because you only want to drink the cleanest, freshest stuff. However, think about the water that you bathe in. In a place where your goal is to ultimately get clean, why wouldn’t you filter your water there, too?

That’s the thought behind showerhead filters. If the water in your area is “hard,” it means it has extra minerals that, over time, can dry out your skin and hair. It can even make skin conditions like eczema worsen. While the minerals won’t harm you if you ingest them (and they may even be good for your health), repeatedly lathering up with hard water is just too much. Think about washing your hands — that’s a good thing to do! But overdoing it will eventually dry them out.

It's easy to install this showerhead filter.

$36 at Amazon

A showerhead filter can remove the extra minerals and provide “softer” water. The water will feel less harsh on your skin and won’t dry it out as much. Some showerhead filters can be pretty pricey, but the AquaBliss High Output Revitalizing Shower Filter is less than $50 on Amazon, and more than 30,000 shoppers give it a five-star rating.

“My skin and hair have improved since installing this,” wrote one reviewer. “My town has very hard water, that was causing [keratosis pilaris], skin and scalp irritation and hair loss. I have some baby hairs growing back, my KP has almost entirely cleared up and my skin isn’t itchy after every shower. Hair and skin are soft again. So glad I purchased this, and will be buying replacement filters as needed.”

According to the product description, the filter uses a proprietary multi-stage sediment filter with stuff called redox media, calcium sulfite, activated carbon and ceramic beads. This filters the water to balance pH levels and neutralize odors. Depending on your water, you’ll have to replace the internal filter about every six months, but it’s easy to do.

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

“The filter is easy to install and fits most shower heads, and it comes with a replacement filter cartridge, which is easy to replace,” stated one reviewer.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a showerhead — it’s a showerhead filter. It’s just under 5 inches long and fits between the showerhead and arm. This one works with handheld, fixed, and even rain showerheads.
Overall, it’s worth it if you have hard water and your hair, skin and nails constantly feel dry. No matter how many beauty products you slather on, it won’t matter. You have to go straight to the source and filter your water.

It's easy to install this showerhead filter.

$36 at Amazon

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