Should You Apply Eye Makeup or Face Makeup First?

Pros weigh in.

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What is the correct order to apply makeup, or is there really a difference? —Brianna Marques

Let the beauty debate commence—and I say debate because the answers couldn’t be more divided here. Personally, I’m a firm believer of applying face makeup (i.e. foundation) first before proceeding onto the eyes because there’s something unnerving about applying eye makeup with my dark circles on full display. I like my makeup application to be somewhat of a self-care routine, and staring at my blemishes that close up while working on my eye makeup just feels…uncomfy. That being said, there is something to be said on the other side of the argument, so I tapped in 3 makeup artists to sound in on the controversy.

Applying Face Makeup First

I’ll be honest—I’ve always done my foundation first (it’s the base, after all). There’s something that seems much more natural to work from larger to smaller, and I find it difficult to visualize my final look with a bare naked complexion. Having my brows shaped also makes it much easier to decipher where my eyeshadow should go in context of my brow bone.

Makeup artist Kelli Anne Sewell agrees: "I personally like to do face first, then eyes. I love applying my base products because it helps me really gauge the type of eye look I am going for that day. I like to call my face a little thermometer and it helps steer my creativity for how intense or natural my eye look will turn into.”

Applying Eye Makeup First

On the other side of the fence is applying eye makeup first, which makeup artist Cara Lovello advocates for. “I recommend doing eyes first because that way if there’s any fallout from the eyeshadow, you can clean it up before starting the complexion without having to redo foundation and concealer.” She also adds that it gives your skin care time to fully absorb first before layering face makeup on top.

Celebrity brow expert Sania Vucetaj brings up another good point. “I recommend applying brow makeup before ANY face product because it creates a barrier between makeup products and your hair follicle. When you have the brow pencil on, you're more aware of where not to go with your face creams and foundations, and you become more cautious when applying makeup. If you don't apply the brow pencil first, your makeup products get into those hair follicles, which will then stunt the growth of your brows and cause the current hairs to shed.”

The Verdict

The general consensus (logically speaking) is that eye makeup should go first before face makeup for many reasons. If doing your makeup with a raw complexion doesn’t throw you off too much, it’s what most experts recommend for overall better application and brow health. However, there is an understanding of your makeup routine being relaxing, so if having a base makes that easier for you, you do you.

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