Apple Experts Say You Should Never Waste Your Money On These Products


Seasonal gift shopping is underway! Whether you have a tech lover (or 10) on your gift list or you’re working on your own tech-heavy list for someone else who wants to treat you, it’s always a challenge navigating among the many products out there that are yours for the choosing. These Apple experts are here to make your search just a little easier if you’re shopping for Apple products — they say you should never waste your money on these products. 

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

This battery pack is an extremely convenient battery pack for iPhone users since it is portable and charges your device on the go without the need for cables, according to Dylan Kaplan from “However, the price is not proportionate to its functionality,” Kaplan pointed out. “Apple’s MagSafe battery pack costs 99$ but only has a 3000mAh capacity. It can only charge an iPhone 12-13 mini up to 70%, iPhone 12-14 pro from 0% to around approximately 60%, and the Pro Max models to around 40% additional charge.”

Instead, Kaplan said, there are better options such as the Anker 622 which has more capacity. “It has 5000mAh which is around 67% more than Apple’s,” Kaplan said. “Further, it has a built-in foldable kickstand that can be used as a stand for better viewing. All of these are for only $59.99, which is obviously lower in cost compared to the Apple MagSafe battery pack.”

Magic Keyboard Folio

The Magic Keyboard Folio, specifically created for the new iPad 10th generation, can only be used by the said model — which is one of its downsides, according to Kaplan. “An extra $249 for the keyboard on top of the $449 cost of the iPad 10th gen is not worth it,” Kaplan said. “There is only a $100 difference between this combo and buying an iPad Pro that has the latest M2 chip that can compete against the current fastest processors in the computer industry.”

Kaplan recommends alternatives such as the Logitech Combo Touch for a lower price point of $199. “It has an additional portion dedicated to Apple Pencil 1 or Logitech Crayon,’ Kaplan said. “Since the iPad 10th gen does not have support for Apple Pencil 2, which is capable of attaching itself to the iPad models compatible with it, the dedicated holder adds up to convenience.”


AppleCare is Apple’s extended warranty program, and it is not worth the money, according to Apple and Tech Expert Ilam Padmanabhan. 

“For one thing, Apple products are generally very reliable and don’t break down often,” Padmanabhan said. “And if something does go wrong, it is usually covered by the standard one-year warranty. Additionally, AppleCare is very expensive – it can cost almost as much as the product itself. Finally, many credit cards offer extended warranty coverage for free, so there is no need to pay for it separately.”

Refurbished Products

Padmanabhan believes refurbished products are another waste of money when it comes to Apple products. “These are products that have been returned by customers and then fixed by Apple,” Padmanabhan said. “While they may be cheaper than buying a new product, they are not necessarily a good deal. First of all, you don’t know what kind of problem the product had in the first place.”

Additionally, Padmanabhan added, refurbished products may not come with all of the accessories or features that a new product would have. “And finally, the warranty on a refurbished product is often shorter than the warranty on a new product,” Padmanabhan said. “Buying a new (but a slightly older model) is often a better option.”

Third-Party Accessories

“There are plenty of third-party accessories available for Apple products, but you shouldn’t waste your money on them,” Padmanabhan said. “First of all, Apple products are designed to work best with first-party accessories. Additionally, third-party accessories are often lower quality and may not last as long as first-party accessories. Finally, third-party accessories may void your warranty if something goes wrong with them.”

Non-Apple Chargers

Using a non-Apple charger with your iPhone or iPad is a bad idea for several reasons.

“First of all, non-Apple chargers are not always compatible with Apple devices and can cause damage to them,” Padmanabhan said. “Additionally, non-Apple chargers may not be safe to use – they could overheat or catch fire. Finally, using a non-Apple charger voids your warranty, so you will have to pay for any repairs yourself if something goes wrong.”

Even if it costs a little more, always opt for the Apple charger that is made specifically for your Apple device. 

And, with those tips in mind, happy tech shopping!