Apple Employee Shares How To Free Up Storage With This One Simple Hack


Storage issues on your iPhone could be to blame for a number of problems you’re experiencing with your device. For starters, the most obvious one: if you have too much data stored on your phone, your device won’t allow you to continue taking more photos, videos, or accumulating other data. You’ll likely see a pop-up that alerts you to your low storage situation and, from there, the mad dash to delete files begin. Having low storage can also affect your battery and make your phone overall more sluggish. 

One of the leading causes of storage woes is your texts and photos. Unbeknownst to you, you could be taking multiple photos at once or saving every photo that you post on Instagram so that there are multiple copies of the same image or video stored on your phone. Not only is this a waste of storage space that gives back nothing in return, but remedying the problem can be a painstaking process as you go through all of your media and pick and choose, one by one, which to delete. Text messages, as well, can easily accumulate on your device. Before you know it, you could have thousands of texts and emails saved. All of that data is snatching up storage space. 

Never fear: there’s a tech hack for that — one that Tech Expert and former Apple employee Sabrina Badin generously reveals on her TikTok account @sabbadz. 

Delete Multiple Messages 

There is no need to delete text messages one by one — an exercise that would take hours to complete. Instead, Badin shows us how simple it is to select multiple messages and save or get rid of them to free up storage. Go to your inbox, place two fingers on the display, and drag down to select messages. Release your finger to stop them. From here, you can choose to delete them all or save them to a file and upload them to iCloud to free up space on your phone. 

Other Cool Hacks


Badin mentions quite a few cool iPhone hacks, so be sure to follow her on TikTok if you enjoy keeping on top of tech tips. Among our favorite are:


Move Several Apps At Once


You can move more than one app at a time by tapping and holding one app and then tapping and holding other apps you want to move. You can move these apps around your home screen as a group or delete them altogether and save storage space and battery power.


Play Music While Recording a Video


Want to record a video and include music to make it even more entertaining? There’s a hack for that. Play music through your iPhone speakers via the music app of your choice and, while music is playing, open the camera app. Make sure your camera is set to Photo. Tap and hold the shutter button and then drag it to the right. This will spur your phone to record a video while capturing music on it.


Your iPhone can do so many cool things — the more you know, the more benefits you’ll get out of your device.