Apple AirPods Are on Sale at Amazon Right Now, So You Can Finally Replace That Lost Left Bud (PureWow)
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We have a true love-hate relationship with Apple AirPods. On the one hand, they make it super easy to walk about while listening to podcasts or chatting on the phone without having to deal with a traditional headphone cord. On the other hand, we’re somehow only ever able to find one at a time or, if by some miracle, we do manage to track down both, the charging case suddenly goes missing despite our very clear memory of leaving it right here on the kitchen counter. (Or was it on the dresser?)

Well, good news for anyone who’s been living with one bud for the past few months, or who simply wishes to join the world of wireless headphones, because both the classic Apple AirPods and the AirPods Pro are currently on sale as part of Amazon Prime Day.

Yup, Amazon Prime members can now pick up a brand-new pair of original AirPods, plus a charging case and cord, for just $115 (28 percent off the usual price), or upgrade to the AirPods Pro for $199, rather than paying the full $250 price tag.

For those wondering if tacking on an additional $84 to splurge for the Pro version is truly worth it, there are a number of features to consider. The OG AirPods are a one-size fits all design, while the Pros come with three sizes of silicone headphone tips to ensure a tighter, more stable fit. The difference in sizing options is particularly important for the AirPods Pro because of their noise-cancellation ability, which can give you a clearer, richer listening experience whether you’re jamming out to Lizzo or nodding along to your dad complaining about the damned squirrels eating all his tomato plants. Lastly, while both can be worn to work out, the AirPods Pro are likely a better option for any type of sweat sesh, not just because of the tighter fit—the upgraded design has an IPX4 water-resistance rating, which makes it splash-proof and sweat-resistant and, more importantly, less likely to be damaged by frequent water (i.e., sweat) exposure.

Whichever style you end up choosing, we suggest you take advantage of these deals ASAP—Apple products rarely go on sale and you don’t want to end up spending the rest of 2020 stuck with just one earbud and hoping some generous loved one will gift you with a new set come the holidays, do you?

Apple AirPods

$159; $115 at Amazon

Apple AirPods Pro

$250; $199 at Amazon

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