Social Experiment Exposes How Bystanders React to Domestic Abuse

Apparently there’s no better way to expose problems within society than by conducting experiments, filming them, then watching them go viral and waiting for the inevitable commentary that follows millions of views. In the latest test of human decency, an organization called STHLM Panda has sparked an international conversation across the World Wide Web on domestic violence.

Using hidden cameras in an elevator, the group, which describes itself as pranksters “doing social experiments, joking with people and documenting the society we live in,” had a male actor verbally abuse and physically assault a an actress while other people were in the small space with the pair.

The video’s creators claim that a total of 53 people entered the elevator — and only spoke up for the women. “If you touch her, I’m going to call the police,” the lone defender said.

Others, though, while visibly uncomfortable, pull a Kitty Genovese and don’t say a thing. One passenger said, “I’m here too. Please let me get off first.” Another person even walks out, as the actress appears to ask for help. Olle Öberg and Konrad Ydhage who run the channel told the Guardian that they were surprised that so few people reacted. “We were expecting that about 50% would intervene. I was prepared to take a hit by the bigger lads who entered the lift. But sadly enough they walked out on the girl.”