Apparently the Royals Are Wondering Why Prince Harry "Bothered" to Show Up to the Coronation

Apparently the Royals Are Wondering Why Prince Harry "Bothered" to Show Up to the Coronation

Prince Harry made a brief appearance at King Charles' coronation on Saturday, rolling into Westminster Abbey looking unbothered in a custom Dior suit, and then booking it straight to Heathrow to catch a flight back home to California.

And apparently the royals are wondering why he even showed up. Which, um, seems obvious: to support his dad. Either way, a family friend told Vanity Fair that Harry's short trip had the royals “wondering why Harry bothered to come at all,” and noted that “one makes one’s choices. To be honest there wasn’t much talk of Harry at all. The focus was very much on the occasion.”

Meanwhile, an eye-witness told Vanity Fair that Harry was literally left waiting in the cold for his car to the Abbey, saying “All the other royals and VIPs were taken off in official cars, but Harry was left on his own, waiting for his car. It was actually really sad to see him all by himself."

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While Prince Harry reportedly didn't exchange one word with Prince William during the visit, and he was seen chatting with his cousin Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack Brooksbank.

“Beatrice and Eugenie are the only ones who really speak to Harry," the source said. "He’s actually very close to Eugenie and Jack, but there’s very little if any contact with the rest of his family who are still reeling from what he has said and done."

Harry's convo with Jack was actually pieced together by a lip reader and it's explosive to say the least so more on that below:

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