Apparently L.A. is the Best Place to Find a Date on Vacation

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Want to snag a hottie? Head to Los Angeles. (Photo: Thinkstock)

We think of a lot of things when we think of Los Angeles—beaches, movie stars and plastic surgery are just a few things that come to mind.

But a recent study claims that most Americans believe L.A. also boasts the most attractive potential dating pool in the world. 

The data comes from a just released 2015 Foreign Affairs Study commissioned by Expedia in conjunction with the dating app Tinder. The study focuses on the intersection of travel and romance and includes feedback from more than 1,000 adult Americans. 

The majority of respondents, 37%, said they believed that Los Angeles had the most attractive dating pool with Rio de Janeiro, Paris and Rome close behind. 

On the flip side, Istanbul, Seoul and Hong Kong were said to have the least attractive potential dates. Ouch!

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The survey also asked respondents where they would want to propose to their special someone (after they’ve found them in L.A., Rio, Rome or Paris, obviously). 

A whopping majority, 46%, said that Paris was the ideal spot to pop the question, with Rome, Barcelona and New York trailing behind. 

The survey also told us a few things about how couples travel together. Almost one-third of those polled said they would be down with taking a weekend trip with their boyfriend or girlfriend after just three months of dating. But a majority said they definitely wanted to wait at least a year before traveling with their significant other’s family.

The purpose of the study was to help launch a new Tinder/Expedia collaboration, the Match Made in Travel site partnership where users can swipe on their favorite destinations and be paired with their ideal travel match.

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