Apparently, Hilaria & Alec Baldwin Even Had a Spanish-Themed Wedding—& There Are Photos

Jenzia Burgos
·1 min read

As if this scandal couldn’t get weirder, it seems that even Hilaria Baldwin and Alec’s wedding had Spanish appropriation baked into its theme. Hilaria—who was born Hillary Thomas-Hayward in Boston, Massachusetts—incorporated her self-proclaimed Spanish “culture” into her June 2012 wedding to the 30 Rock actor with readings in both Spanish and English, a flamenco hand fan, and a veil reminiscent of a Spanish mantilla. Oh, and instead of “I do,” the couple accepted their vows with “sí,” according to The Daily Mail. Just add this to her list of alleged Spanish appropriations!

If you’re wondering why the 36-year-old mom is suddenly at the receiving end of appropriation accusations, here’s a quick explainer. It all started on December 21,...

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