Apparently, this Florida college makes its students 'walk on water'

An architecture student is going viral after sharing his college’s “ridiculous” annual tradition. Matheus Stancati shared a throwback video from his time at Florida International University (FIU) in Miami on Tiktok. during his sophomore year, Stancati had to “walk on water” in order to pass a class. As Stancati explains, the goal of the project was to create a pair of shoes that can effectively float on water. “Two people design and build and we choose one to ‘walk,'” he wrote. The students then test their shoes at the end of the semester — in the middle of a lake on campus. As Stancati puts it, large groups of students show up each year to “watch architecture students dying”. “Thankfully, I ended up crossing because this is Florida and I don’t know what’s in there” . TikTok users seemed stunned by Stancati’s experience. “Architect professors be like … ‘walk on water,'” one user joked. “What if you can’t swim?” another asked