Anthropologie Launches Year-Round Recycling Program with Blue Jeans Go Green

Anthropologie is expanding its partnership with Cotton Incorporated’s Blue Jeans Go Green denim recycling program into a year-round initiative.

Beginning Monday, consumers are invited to bring their pre-worn denim to any of Anthropologie’s 200-plus U.S. retail locations anytime throughout the year. All types of denim garments will be collected. The only requirement is that it is made of at least 90 percent cotton.

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Anthropologie previously held short-term collection periods with Blue Jeans Go Green.

Through the collaboration, the old denim will be recycled into insulating material used in various applications like packing and building materials. Blue Jeans Go Green estimates that it has recycled over 5.2 million pieces of denim since 2006.

“We are thrilled that cotton circularity and the Blue Jeans Go Green program is a part of Anthropologie’s continued sustainability journey,” said Andrea Samber, director of consumer marketing, brand partnerships for Cotton Incorporated.  “Anthropologie’s commitment to drive action via a circular model aligns with Cotton’s core values and efforts in protecting our planet so that it can flourish by keeping denim waste out of landfills.”

In its third year, Anthropologie’s partnership with Blue Jeans Go Green supports its “A Greater Good” sustainability platform that details the retailer’s efforts to become more environmentally responsible and socially conscious.

In addition to partnering with responsible brands and sourcing fabrics from mills that abide by the OEKO-Tex 100 standard, Anthropologie has set the goal of diverting 10 tons of denim by the end of 2025. Through conservation initiatives, partnering with a diverse array of non-profit partners, and working to ensure the products they sell are ethically sourced, the retailer aims to incite meaningful change.

“At Anthropologie, we are committed to creating a more sustainable future and being mindful of our environmental impact on the planet across our business operations,” said Elizabeth Preis, Anthropologie Group’s global chief marketing officer. “We are thrilled to be growing our participation with Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green program and to bring our incredibly loyal community along to join in our sustainability efforts. I am confident that through this relationship, we will grow Anthropologie’s denim circularity initiative, support in waste reduction, and reduce our overall environmental impact.”